Amy Winehouse - Trilby Şarkı Sözleri

Amy Winehouse - Trilby Sözleri

Bunny’s looking pert in her bowling shirt
With my Trilby cap my ensembles locked
Bunny’s looking pert in her bowling shirt
With my Trilby cap my ensembles locked

[Verse 1]
Save a whole floor for my haute couture
When I got more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw
More bags than I can store… I want more, more, more

Ballet shoes in satin, canvas, and leather
Dig out my Denny Mac whatever the weather
Rock the red shoes forever shoo-be-doo, shoo-be-doo… mm
I want a wardrobe bigger than Nairobi
Take four hours to cloth me… hold me down
When I pass the top shop in town
Cause you carrying my extra bags around… Yeh


Lay you out and lace up Jimmy Choos
Pair of shoes for all my jazzes and blues
Every fabric of the hue
I’m dressing dependent on how I feels
Right like a mini Imelda on wheels
Bamboo Gucci heels… bamboo Gucci heels
An ashtray rests on my cigarette pants
Spend it if I get the chance
Shop alone, gather bags wherever I roam
Cause I’m always unpacking when I get home


I’m gonna pay up Cartier
With Agent Provocateur strip poker chips
Moschino underwear with hot pink lips… undoing zips


Piyasaya Çıkış Tarihi: January 1, 2008

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