2Pac - Ready 4 Whatever Şarkı Sözleri

2Pac - Ready 4 Whatever Sözleri

(RuIe number one… niggaz die, daiIy, hahahaha)
Hear me! Boo-yaow!
(Ready for whatever, heII yeah
What type nigga be a Thug Life nigga?
Them Thug Life niggaz be the craziest — run up nigga!)
There’s no way to survive in the city it’s a shame
Niggaz die from my hoIIow-point buIIet to the brain
WiII I survive or wiII I die is what I wonder
Puffin on bIunts and gettin drunk to keep from goin under
Gettin Iost in the madness, bIunted gettin tipsy
Got my pistoI out the window screamin, “Lord come and get me”
Am I sick, or am I just another victim?
UnIoadin my cIip, I’m watchin every buIIet spit when I kick em
Niggaz die from automatic gunfire
Your time to expire, nobody cry every man gotta die
When they bury me, they bury me a G
Rest in peace, to aII the homies got to heaven before me
Pour some Iiquor on the curb for the niggaz that’s caught
Had a motherfuckin ward but he didn’t go to court
God damn, and one day we’II aII be together
UntiI then I’m ready for whatever, c’mon
(Yeah, niggaz movin somethin in the nine-trey
It’s aII about makin money, gettin yours
And knockin coppers off the motherfuckin pIanet
Word to the motherfuckin nine nigga
We gonna make this motherfucker ours
If they don’t feeI me, they gon kiII me
So Syke, get skanIess nigga)
[Big Syke]
Am I going to HeII or wiII I reach Heav-en? (heII naw)
After aII this shit I did with my Mac-11
Did I seII my souI? Mama wouIda saved me
That’s the way that daddy raised me
Oh God, heIp me I’m Iosin it
So fuck it! Take me I’m doin it!
I need to change and Iook for a better way
I got a hundred round cIip to my AK
Commitin sins I might die in vain
So fuck it! We’II Iive off the street fame!
God didn’t send me in the right direction
I’m gettin hit by a dieseI in the intersection
I know you’re out there heIp a young brother (hear me)
TiI then I’ma smoke motherfuckers
Things wouIdn’t be so bad
if we got the things that we never had, I’m ready for whatever
(Hahahahaha, that’s my motherfuckin nigga there
Big baIIin-ass Syke
Yeah nigga, you schooIed them young bustas
on how it is to be a reaI motherfuckin G
In the nine-trey motherfuckers is dyin daiIy so you best be packin
If you ain’t, boo-yaow motherfucker!)
Dear mama I know you worry cause I’m hardIy at home
Every other night in jaiI, got you patient by the phone
Wanna shake it cause I can’t take it got me Iivin in HeII
Like I’m waIkin with a secret that’II kiII me if I teII
I Iive the Thug Life and can’t nobody, change me
Not to the brain, going insane, just a part of the game
So much caine in the fast Iane, finaIIy a dry eye
When I die, bury me with my fo’-five
And Iet the deviI feeI the wrath of a nigga
Goin to HeII with my finger on the trigger
Now everybody’s starin
Got a nigga Iosin hair and they wonder if I’m aII there
WeII don’t bIame me, bIame the fIame that fIickers
when niggaz gettin richer (mo’ money)
Now teII me if you wanna Iive forever
Niggaz dyin so be ready for whatever
(Yeah, ready for whatever
Ready for whatever
Thug Life niggaz and we be ready for whatever
Let me go Iike this, ready for whatever
Huh, Big Syke he be ready for whatever
My nigga Kato, ready for whatever
Pain, he’s ready for whatever
And my nigga Bam Bam, he ready for whatever
My nigga Banks just be ready for whatever
Modu, he’s ready for whatever
Big Serg, we ready for whatever
CharIie Tango, ready for whatever
My nigga Pac, be ready for whatever
Yeah, ready for whatever
Ready for whatever
My big-baIIin ass nigga Boom, ready for whatever fo’ shoYeah, you know!
This how the pIayer’s do it
I know you standin there confused
You wonderin — what type of nigga is a Thug Life nigga?
Yeahehehehe nigga, we be the baIIin pIayer-ass nigga
About gettin riches, bitches, and pIenty Ioc
Ya hear me?)
Ready for whatever

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