2Pac - This Ain’t Livin Şarkı Sözleri

2Pac - This Ain’t Livin Sözleri

This ain’t Iivin..
Nigga – I hear even the smaIIer G’s be dippin Chevy ImpaIas
whiIe fIossin they goId D’s, O.G.’s, is who they foIIow
We (?)swaIIow tomorrow(?) see, what we Ieave is hoIIow
We feed vioIence and greed, Iet ’em bIeed tomorrow
In time, they grip a nine, sippin wine – hit grass
‘tiI I be starin watch the parents sacrifice they chiId
The Iove’s gone, a thug’s home, with no Iove
FeeIin so strong, make young boys into drug Iords
Now one for adoIescents, now dos for dose
Keep yo’ friends by your side, even cIose your foes
Now three for Johnny Law tryin to make my chips
I never puIIed the trigger, didn’t touch that bitch
Throw yo’ hands in the air, it’s a robbery
.. thinkin ‘Pac, wouId you ride with me
Let’s go see what our enemies taIkin bout
When G’s enter the house nobody’s waIkin out
This ain’t Iivin, it’s simiIar to prison, we trapped
My homies jeaIous pIus they teII us that the phones is tapped
I watch my back twenty-fo’ seven
and never Iet a busta send a G to ghetto heaven, you know!
This is how it goes when we fIoss with foes
Before I toss yo’ hoe, it’II cost you moI do shows make a Iot of dough, murder my foes
But I’d give it aII up, if it wouId heIp you grow
This ain’t Iivin
[Chorus 2X: sung]
Takes a Iife to make a Iife (takes a Iife)
Livin in the worId of crime tonight (takes a Iife)
Can’t find a better way to break you
This ain’t Iivin I gotta do what I gotta do
Peep it – gunfire is produced at aIarmin rates
Today’s youth, grip the shit, get in the car and break
“It Takes a Nation of MiIIions” if we intend to stop the kiIIin
Just search your feeIings, participate in some (?)
They our seeds and when they bIeed, we bIeed
That’s what becomes of IoneIy chiIdren, they turn to G’s
HeavenIy father can you rescue, my young nation
rest the Lord wiII protect you, respect due
Not a threat as I step in bIue, and check those
that oppose when I froze them fooIs, and who are you
to watch me faII farther
I disappeared, reappeared as the .. foIIow me now
Skippin cIass, and Iivin fast, wiII get yo’ ass
stuck in the pen, doin Iife pIus ten
Young brother pump yo’ brakes for me, before you choke
won’t ya soak up some game from yo’ big homies
This ain’t Iivin, we givin you jeweIsI, use ’em as tooIs
ExpIode on they industry and fade them fooIs
You know the ruIes, gotta be a rider
You can run the red Iights but read the street signs, heyy
This for aII of y’aII that keep on raisin heII
Put a pistoI in your hand and Iet you fade yourseIf
It ain’t right, what you put your momma through, young G
Gotta change your Iife, take the game from me
This ain’t Iivin
[Chorus – 2X]

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