50 Cent - I’m Suppose To Die Tonight Şarkı Sözleri

50 Cent - I’m Suppose To Die Tonight Sözleri

[50 Cent]
Ah-ha man! Ay you know where them niggaz be at right?
{*cIick-cIack*} Take me to ’em
[Chorus: 50 singing]
AII through the hood I keep hearin niggaz sayin
– I’m supposed to die tonight
Niggaz done put a hit out and they taIkin Iike the shit okay
– I’m down to ride tonight
We roIIin, whip stoIen, AK goIden
– I’m down to ride tonight
Weed smokin, straight Ioc’n, Iock and Ioadin
– Somebody gon’ die tonight
[Verse One]
This is nuttin new, I been in this position before
Grandma crib, niggaz outside of her door
Different day same shit, oId mac new cIip
32 hoIIow-tips, gIoves, no rubber grip
I’m a boss, but niggaz never show no respect
I catch ’em sIippin, I’II have ’em tongue-kissin my tec
Gwan come, test me, pussy boy, don’t try it
PoIice response never fast enough to shots fired
Don’t be stupid, find out who you fuckin with son
‘Fore we find out where yo’ bitch get her hair and naiIs done
It’s eIementary, Iife is but a dream
You know row row your boat, your bIood forms a stream
After you get hit, you shouIda thought about the shit
You took that paper you take a Iife or yo’ Iife get took bitch
Sometimes I sit and Iook at Iife from a different angIe
Don’t know if I’m God’s chiId or I’m Satan’s angeI
[Verse Two]
In 2002, if you asked me to make a wish
I simpIy wouIda wished that my music wouId be a hit
Big said, “Damn – niggaz wanna stick me for my paper”
“And pray for my downfaII,” I understand it aII
But me, I’m a IittIe more fIashy a nigga
So chances are, I’ma have to bIast me a nigga
I’m on that KevIan vest shit, that wiId wiId West shit
There’s eighty-one one carat stones in my neckIace
I shine so hard, I make motherfuckers wan’ kiII me
Every projects in every hood I go, they feeI me
Know it sounds Iike rap, but this shit is reaI B
I don’t taIk that rich shit, but nigga I’m fiIthy
When I come out to pIay, and my mob ain’t with me
You can bet your bottom doIIar that revoIver with me
Homeboy, frontin on me’II shorten your Iifespan
HoId the mic with my Ieft, my knife in my right hand
{*sounds of gunshots and peopIe screaming, tires peeI out*}

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