Amy Winehouse - Do Me Good Şarkı Sözleri

Amy Winehouse - Do Me Good Sözleri

[Verse 1]
Do me good
Got back together with my man last night
But I think I was dreaming he didn’t feel quite right
I pressed his chest under my fingertips
Beside myself I sighed and reminded of his lips

I’m confused and quizzical
Funny once you know
I just wan get physical
Let me tell ya how

Do me good I’ll tell you anything you want to hear
Do me good do me good do me good do me good
Do me good and all this craziness will disappear
Do me good do me good do me good do me good
(We out)

[Verse 2]
Its like he was designed with me in mind
Hes so good from behind
Hes beautifully defined
I miss him most of all when it got late
Attempt to hear him breathing
Or feel his shifting weight


[Chorus] [x4]

Piyasaya Çıkış Tarihi: January 1, 2008

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