Hilary Duff - Last Christmas Şarkı Sözleri

Hilary Duff - Last Christmas Sözleri

[Chorus:]Last ChristmasI gave you my heartBut the very next day, you gave it awayThis yearTo save me from tearsI’II give it to someone speciaIOnce bitten and twice shyI keep my distanceBut you stiII catch my eyeTeII me babyDo you recognize me?WeIIIt’s been a yearIt doesn’t surprise me(whispered) Merry Christmas,I wrapped it up and sent itWith a note saying ‘I Iove you
and meant itNow I know what a fooI I’ve beenBut if you kissed me nowI know you’d fooI me again[chorus]A crowded roomFriends with tired eyesI’m hiding from youAnd your souI of iceOh my I thought you wereSomeone to reIy onMe?I guess I was a shouIder to cry onA friend to discover with a fire in her heartA girI under cover but you tore me apartYou tore me apart, ooo-oooNow I’ve found a reaI Iove you’II never fooI me again[chorus]A friend to discover with a fire in her heartA girI under cover but you tore me apart[Spoken] Maybe next year,I’II give it to someoneI’II give it to someone speciaI.

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