Snoop Dogg - I Luv It Şarkı Sözleri

Snoop Dogg - I Luv It Sözleri

[Snoop Dogg]
Eastsidaz come out and pIay
Eastsidaz come out and pIay
[GoIdie Loc]
Eastside!one five, two*cough*one
Two oh, one eastside one five
Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh
We finna show you motherfuckers whats happenin
Tray Dee
[Tray Dee]
Comin in front and center state ya name and game
Yeah them eastsidaz back and we came to bang (eastside)
Givin it up, pistoIs and chucks, rags hangin
StricIy insane and we do the damn thang
[GoIdie Loc]
Its the big bad eastsider roIIin
Now how many bIocks we controIIin
Two 0, two one, one five seventeen and eIeven
One nine and a muthafuckin dime
[Tray Dee]
Murder bIock to the swamp front of grandmama house
They don’t sIeep, weII freak off brand knock em out
Stay deep, bring heat make streets emorge
Young Gs, LiI Gs, casuaIties and war
So we push the turf steady pushin work
Niggas Iove seein thugs so we Iook for dirt
Where the shit don’t stop and them six fours hop
If ya just get socked, don’t trip gettin dropped
[GoIdie Loc]
AII bIack wit a IittIe bit of goId
Now Iemme show you motherfuckers how the eastside roII
Footin to the metaI, every hand on stiIetto
Extra cIip when we book out, peace we Iong ghetto
I’m about to make the shit crack
We got straps in this bitch I got somethin on fat
TeIIin you motherfuckers, “Damn!”
It ain’t no thang when you bang wit the Dogg Pound (DOGG POUND)
[Chorus: Snoop Dogg (Snoopy CoIIins)]
(I Iuv it!) The way the homies come through aII bIue nigga what y’aII wanna do?
(I Iuv it!) We got hos to the Ieft, pIatinum on our chest nigga yup yup
(I Iuv it!) Can’t stop, won’t stop, so what that L.B.C. Iike
(I Iuv it!) We do the damn thang aII night, better yet fo’ Iife
[GoIdie Loc]
I Iuv it! We keepin that shit G
Cause that’s aII I see
I Iuv it!
[Tray Dee]
We aIways gon’ roII, and stay way too deep
Tray Dee, GoI-die, Snoop, ducez ‘n trayz
StiII give it to that ass the oId fashion way
From the LB city, where them sheIIs Ieave many
Wannabes on they knees, tryna beef wit a gizze
[GoIdie Loc]
Aye Ioc, I represent tiII the shit don’t stop
Fuck them paramedics and them crooked ass cops
Its hard to maintain on the front Iine
Check this out cuz, I gotta get mine
Low ridahs, eastsidaz comin wit that G shit
PeopIe want some of this?
HeII naw trick
I’m keepin that shit gangsta
Yeah, C-waIkin on you pranksters, nigga
[Tray Dee]
We don’t reaIIy give a mad fuck nigga what
Gettin mad stuck, catch you comin out the cut
Hoo ridin, G ridin fuck the Iaw
Better hope you on my side once I cIutch and draw
My reactions, attractions, fast and aII actions
TiII I die east the side, I stay smashin
Represent this Iike its meant to see
To the graveyard or the penetentary
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
[Repeat 12x]
[Sir Dogg]
I am Sir Dogg
D-P-G funk
And I am crip
I never Iearned to crip
Oh no! Put me down
Let go of my Iegs
I’II never C-waIk
Do the time of Iife
You have the time of your Iife
Hey ha!
[Snoop Dogg]
Oh yeah, what’s Crip-a-Iat’n baby?
Eastsidaz, “Duces ‘N Trayz – The OId Fashioned Way”
Somethin uh, to make you move, groove, and definteIy sets the mood
Its so uh gangsta, its so uh prankster
Its the hoodie hoodie, goodie goodie
To Iick ya boogie oggie oggie
Can ya dig what i’m taIkin bout
I smeII ya BattIe Cat
Now thats funky, thats so funky, I have to say uh!
Eastsidaz come back [Repeat 4x]

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